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East Nusa Penida Tour

1. Teletubbies Hill’s

Do you remember about Teletubbies? Once the movie is very famous, there are 4 funny characters that Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala, and Poo. They became residents of Teletubbies Hill. Apparently, on Bukit Nusa Penida there is the same as Teletubbies Hill. The name of the hill was made by tourists who visit there. Nusa Penida is remarkable, all the places that have uniqueness.

There are many green dunes that adorn these hills, the distance between the hills with an adjacent semicircular shape. In the hills are formed of limestone above the existing thin ground overgrown with green grass, looks very beautiful and natural. When the grass of the rainy season will grow more and more that seems to cover it. In the morning and afternoon is the perfect time to visit Telebbies Hill because if the daytime is very hot and there is no shelter. You can see the view of the resident's house around the height of this hill.

2. Atuh Beach

The tranquil Atuh Beach attracts scores of tourists thanks to its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. Aside from the usual beachside activities like enjoying the calm sea breeze as you dig into a book, you can also snorkel, dive, or explore two ancient temples. The island's easternmost tip features an ideal fishing spot, with plenty of catchable fish swimming in shallow waters close to the shore. Plan your Atuh Beach visit and explore what else you can see and do in Klungkung using our Klungkung trip planner.

3. Pulau Seribu at Nusa Penida ( Thounsand Island )

Arriving at Nusa Penida can visit Kepulauan Seribu in Pelilit, Tanglad Village, in Nusa Penida Subdistrict. A place that can make you all with beauty. This beach is bordered by Atuh Beach which has been popular before. Pulau Seribu is a hill above the sea and has stunning views. Well very suitable for cheet tour package to Nusa Penida because you do not need to pay expensive to watch panorama. You will be amazed at the composition of rocks and cliffs like a sturdy fortress that protects the hill.

To reach this place you have to drive one hour from the port of Buyuk. Arrive in the parking lot, then you can walk about 15 minutes through the path, then down a rather steep hill. There are simple stairs made of soil and limestone built by local people for easy access to the Thousand Islands.

4. Seaweed Farming

The seaweed fishery on the island of Nusa Pe, unfortunately is a faded industry, with more families turning to tourism, and providing snorkeling and boating around the island.

Some facts about seaweed and agriculture :

1. The tide should be perfect for seaweed farming ... seaweed can only be cut during low tide, and this can sometimes mean starting work at 2 am.

2. It takes anywhere from 15-30 days to grow ... and can only grow in really warm ocean water.

3. Farmers go out and cut and collect seaweed in baskets, bring it back to the ground where pieces are cut and tied, and then replanted into the sea to breed. The seaweed is then taken out of the sea again and arranged dry for several days or weeks depending on the weather.

4. 1kg seaweed used 1000 rupees ... now it's 4000 rupess. (1ooo Rp = R1). This type of seaweed from Nusa Lembongan is mostly used for cosmetics, and shipped to China, Japan and Singapore.

Then one morning, I found a family that all worked together. I stopped to chat with them, our communication was mostly through gestures because none of them, except their child, could say a few words in English. They all seem very happy to chat and laugh, while they work, occasionally stop feeding their chicks.



Package Include:
  • Lunch
  • Masker and fins for snorkeling
  • Life Jaket
  • English/German speaking guide
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  • Tipping guide
  • Lunch
What to bring? :
  • Sweater/jacket
  • Sun cream
  • Trekking shoes
  • Hat
  • Sun glasses
Note : Cancellation Fee 50%
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